The Top 15 Grand Challenges on Monday, July 18th, 2011
  1. To bridge the gap between computational neuroscience and neurophysiology
  2. To solve the problem of scales (How many Degrees of Freedom/Constraints can we get from organizational systems?)
  3. To solve the issue of layering: computational vs. physical layering
  4. To get one example of computational layer that has dynamics on each side of the layer
  5. To figure out how good/fast is the hardware?
  6. To take into account the fact that the brain operates at multiple time scales
  7. Methodological robustness
  8. Need a crisper terminology
  9. Whole-brain understanding; integration
  10. Merging physical models with neuroscience
  11. What is missing from system neuroscience (relative to single-cell physiology)
  12. How much do details matter for computation at large scales?
  13. To understand the validity of multi-instantiation
  14. To find a consensus on what the target system should be.
  15. What is the shape of the theory? What do we expect from the theory? What is brain architecture really?