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Jean Carlson

is a member of the Department of Physics at UCSB carrying out research on a variety of complex systems.

Scott Grafton

Partha Mitra

Richard Murray

is a Professor of Control & Dynamical Systems and Bioengineering at Caltech. His research focuses on the application of feedback and control to networked systems, with applications in biology and autonomy.

Stephanie Ortigue

is an Assistant Professor of Psychology. Combining high-resolution brain imaging techniques (e.g., fMRI, EEG) with psychophysics, her research focuses on brain electrodynamics, implicit cognition, social neuroscience, and the role of the mirror neuron system in intention understanding. The emphasis is on elucidating the brain chronoarchitecture that underlies automatic cognitive information processing during social interactions.

Mason A. Porter

is a Lecturer (aka, assistant professor) in the Mathematical Institute at University of Oxford and is also affiliated with Oxford's CABDyN Complexity Centre. His primary research interests lie in nonlinear and complex systems. This includes, in particular, a lot of work on various topics in network science. Current foci include community structure (with both theoretical development and applications to social science, biology, and physics) and complex contagion models, but he is basically interested in everything. :)

Kathleen Rockland

is Senior Research Fellow at MIT Center for Neural Circuit Genetics (Susumu Tonegawa) and Visiting Professor at CSHL. I have worked on long-distance cortical connections in monkey at the single axon level, since about 1989. A related interest is columnar and subcolumnar organization. More recently, I have been working on aspects of hippocampal connections in mouse. I was co-instructor, with Partha Mitra and Menno Witter, for a new course at CSHL on Circuits and Connectivity.